★★★★★ | 4/26/2016

Can't say enough about Eric and his helper. Good service Good work Good Fellowship. Honest hardworking folks that are hard to find these days and the price was fair. He is my plumber. And I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Lonnie G.

★★★★★ | 4/15/2016

Best experience ever! Good honest company and Eric and his co-worker were so nice. I called because I had been dumping coffee grinds down the garbage disposal. Oops..didn't realize that was no good. I thought I would need them to flush out the disposal and was quoted for that over phone. When they got there they fixed it and told me they didn't have to do that and that the charge was much low. You just don't get that type of honest these days. ET plumbing is my go to always!

They were referred by a friend so any company that makes it off referrals is reputable! Thank you Eric! Can't wait to have you back to hook up my outside fridge to the water so I can get water and ice outside! You guys are the best!!!

Tonya Lynne P.

★★★★★ | 3/14/2016

After using Eric for about 10 jobs now (I have two rental properties in Austin and work with Eric on my parent's house), I have to say that he is still at the top of my list to call when I have an issue w plumbing at my rental houses which are on the older side (1940, 1960, 1980). The latest was a leak from upstairs (different house than previous review) and he fixed it. I waited a couple weeks to fix the dry wall. Today was the day. We opened the ceiling and the wall and guess what? We found another slow leak but from a different part of the ceiling that would not have been detected for many many years and had been slowly dripping down on a supporting beam, creating--you guessed it--rot. While Eric couldn't come out, his amazing partner Fabian did. Even tho he had multiple calls that day, Fabian did manage to squeeze me in and found the joint that was the culprit and fixed it in a jiffy. Thank God because a huge chunk of the ceiling was exposed and I only had the dry wall guys that day. Yes, they are busy. Yes, it can be hard to get back to people right away. I've called and left messages too. But the thing is, Austin plumbers (or at least the very good ones that really know what they are doing and are straight up) are very hard to pin down much less get them to come up much less get them to fix. Eric and Fabian are one of the very very best. I will wait on a plumbing issue if I can and go with Eric or Fabian every single time. They will be straight up, give you the time and work with you.

Lisa H.


OMG Eric was a GOD SENT! I had my awful home warranty company (Old Republic--HORRIBLE!) send over one of their plumbers who said the leak coming into the kitchen from an upstairs bathroom was because of the leaky ac in the attic and that they needed to rip out the wall on the other side of the bathroom to replace old plumbing. THAT THEY DIDNT EVEN TEST! I got another plumber over who said he couldnt find a leak at all after he did numerous tests--and it kept leaking! Finally, third plumber came from ET plumbing. Eric. You are a God! You found the leak after lots of trial and error and found that it was the tub. You saved me an enormous headache and time for a really reasonable price. I really really really appreciate you, Eric! You are honest and persistent until you found the source! Eric followed up several times to make sure the leak did not come back. I love this guy. If you have a leak or plumbing issue, know that Eric will not only find it but he will do you right at every step of the way. Thank you Eric!


★★★★★ | 12/18/2015

Best plumber ever! I texted Eric and quickly got a response after. Definitely recommend him.

Hope T.

★★★★★ | 12/18/2015

ET Plumbing is the most professional company I have the pleasure of working with. Eric sets the benchmark for excellent service. He came to my home a couple of weeks ago and fixed an issue in our guest bath; same day I called. Then today he found the leak and issue at our rental property. He is always on time and friendly. Let me also say I manage several properties and work in real estate. I never hesitate to refer this company and especially Eric or Fabian to my clients. I know I can trust them to deliver top notch service. Thank you Eric and Fabian for all your hard work and excellent service.

Patricia T.

★★★★★ | 11/30/2015

We were very glad that we called ET plumbing (actually texted!). We had a problem with the washer drainage and these guys fixed very quickly. Fabian and Mike came right on time on a Saturday, were very friendly and professional. Answered all our questions and explained to us what happened. The price was also very reasonable. Will use them again!

Peter P.

★★★★★ | 11/17/2015

We were very glad that we called ET plumbing (actually texted!). We had a problem with the washer drainage and these guys fixed very quickly. Fabian and Mike came right on time on a Saturday, were very friendly and professional. Answered all our questions and explained to us what happened. The price was also very reasonable. Will use them again!

Lainie D.

★★★★★ | 10/18/2015

No complaints. Scheduled a time with Fabian and he was right on time, which is kind of unheard of in the realm of plumbing/appliance repair/ etc. I had a few plumbing needs and he took the time to look through each issue, discuss options for repair, and answer all of my questions (I asked a lot...). Thank you ET plumbing!!! and thank you Blue Dragon Plumbing for the recommendation.

Katy V.

★★★★★ | 8/18/2015

Fabian is now my go-to resource for anything plumbing. He has worked on some tricky stuff in my house and knows exactly what to do. He is professional, does great work and is fairly priced.

Trish H.

★★★★★ | 6/18/2015

Eric Tracey is awesome! After a few minutes of speaking with him, you can tell he really loves what he does. He has great communication on scheduling and the work that he is performing and why. Although I didn't shop around, the pricing seemed to be really fair. Oh and he is very pet aware without me having to tell him to be (made sure that the door wasn't left open when going in/out).

Alex P.

★★★★★ | 6/1/2015

I wish I could give Eric at ET plumbing 20 stars!!! I am so grateful for the work he did at my house. I called Eric because I was having a sewer like smell coming up from the drains in my bathroom. I had originally called other plumbing companies who right off the bat stated they would have to smoke test my house (400 dollar job) to figure out what was causing the smell. I decided to keep calling around and came across ET plumbing- and I am SO GRATEFUL I DID! Eric came within a few days and told me the smoke test would be the last thing he did- he would first try other methods to figure out what was happening. Well within 30 minutes and less than a $100 dollars later he had fixed my issue and fixed another issue for me that two plumbers prior had no idea how to resolve. I am so grateful I have found ET Plumbing! Eric is honest, efficient, and excellent at what he does. I actually have a home warranty company where plumbing is covered however I choose to bypass this option and go straight to ET plumbing because I know the work will be done the right way the first time around. Thanks Eric, you have a loyal customer for life!

Dania D.

★★★★★ | 3/26/2015

Had Eric fix a water heater for me. Did a great job. Have hot water. Fixed some other stuff also. Was very happy with the affordable friendly service. Thanks et plumbing.

Caleb C.

★★★★★ | 3/10/2015

I called Eric the first time when I lived in Round Rock and he came out that morning and was very professional and knowlegable on his stuff. He explains everything so you know what happened and what he has to do to fix it. I now live in Pflugerville and he came out on a Sunday to hook up my kitchen sink and garbage disposal which is pretty rare for plumbers and did it for a hell of a price. I highly recommend the guy for an plumbing needs, great person and very friendly.

Nick F.

★★★★★ | 1/17/2015

We called Blue Dragon for some minor plumbing issues in our bathrooms and he was booked out so he referred us to Eric at ET Plumbing. From the first phone call, Eric was polite, listened to what our problems were, and quoted us a fair price over the phone. On the day he was scheduled to come out, he arrived on time and was professional and polite, even as our toddlers ran around. Turns out, our issues were even less problematic than we thought so the original price we were quoted was reduced to reflect only what Eric had actually done for us. I will continue to use ET Plumbing because he was professional, polite, fairly priced, and overall a hard-working, NICE person. That's important to me. I don't want to be treated like I have no clue what's going on (even if I don't) and Eric described what he was doing in a way that I could understand but that was not at all condescending. Thank you, Eric!

Stacie M.

★★★★★ | 11/29/2014

I used ET Plumbing about two months ago for unclogging my sink. I live in Hallandale and have an older home. Eric was great!! He was on time and took time to explain to us the probable issues going on with our drain. And guess what? He had an opportunity to weigh in on some MAJOR work assessed by another plumber, and Eric said it likely wasn't needed. It's over a Now that some time has passed, I notice he was RIGHT!! Pricewise, these guys probably aren't the cheapest. HOWEVER, the service I received was worth paying for and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. As my husband says "cheap is ultimately expensive" and I have to agree. With ET Plumbing, you get what you pay for and we received excellent service at a reasonable price!!

Smiley L.

★★★★★ | 10/27/2014

i've dealt with both eric & fabian - and they're WONDERFUL. not only were they professional and courteous, but also considerate of time (both men called to tell me they would be 10 minutes late!!!!!! i mean, WHO DOES THAT THESE DAYS?????) very flexible (fabian went & picked up the toilet from lowe's for mel) and on top of all of this "awesomeness"? VERY REASONABLE. i'm a very happy camper - again, thank you eric and fabian!

lisa c.

★★★★★ | 10/2/2014/

Fantastic work. Eric was here 15 minutes after my call, and completed the job in less than half an hour. He was friendly and efficient, left the kitchen clean and even put my dirty rags by the washer. Will call again (if I have to..)

Kate W.

★★★★★ | 9/30/2014

Eric was really an awesome guy to do business with. He used an assessment from another plumbing company that assessed my plumbing issues. He didn't charge me anything for an assessment and his pricing was way below what another company had quoted me. He was very prompt in returning calls and explained all the work that he did so that I could understand what he was doing. I would definitely recommend him to others in the future.

Andre L.

★★★★★ | 8/9/2014

Eric was prompt, courteous and knew what he was doing. He undid some previous work that continued to leak. I'd call him again.

Jack A.

★★★★★ | 4/10/2014

I love "ET Plumbing!!!!!" I never thought in a million years I would be writing about plumbers but these guys were so great I couldn't resist.

Earlier today while cleaning our basement, I noticed a significant amount of calcified gunk and a small pool of water on top of our water heater. After a few minutes of watching my husband doing self-diagnostics (reality: he picked at it a little while then shrugged), I started calling plumbers. I found ET Plumbing through a Google search after calls to a half a dozen numbers I found here on Yelp.

Eric, the owner of the company, answered the phone himself and listened patiently to my rather inept description of our problem and informed me that he'd have to call me back in 5-10 minutes to let me know if someone was available to come out today. He actually called back... In 5 minutes, no less! Anyone with a fair amount of experience dealing with business owners in the building trades should recognize what a miracle this seemed to be.

Eric informed me that his guy Fabian would be out to my house within an hour. Yeah, you heard me, within an hour. As for the actual work, Fabian was clearly highly skilled and knows the trade very well. The job was completed quickly and professionally, and Fabian cleaned up not only any mess he had made, but also scrubbed off the previously mentioned calcified gunk before leaving.

The price was more than fair and I literally had zero complaints about the situation. ET Plumbing is my go-to plumber now, and I'm happily sharing this review with you for your common knowledge Texas!

Caroline N.

★★★★★ | 1/26/2014

I found myself in a pinch... I got a call from the tenant at one of my rental properties a few weeks ago. He said his water bill had jumped almost $100 from one month to the next.


I turned to Yelp to find myself a plumber, but it happened to be the week of the first cold snap, and many of the top rated plumbers were booked for days on end. I stumbled into a referral to ET Plumbing from another reputable plumber who assured me that Eric would find a way to fit me in.

I called on a Saturday, left a message, and within 10 minutes Eric had called me back to make arrangements. I put him in contact with the tenant, and he was on the property by Monday. He quickly assessed the problem (silent leak in one of the toilets, which admittedly were old) and put together an INCREDIBLY reasonable quote to replace both toilets in the house.

The work was done quickly, my tenant is thrilled with his new low flow toilets, I feel like I didn't get ripped off, and Eric was the consummate professional throughout. He kept both me and the tenant in the loop and was happy to text rather than chat on the phone, which I greatly appreciated given my job keeps me tied up in meetings most days.

After working with Eric and ET Plumbing, I'll never go to anyone else.

Seth L.

★★★★★ | 1/20/2014

Eric and his team are pros. Basically, people who get it. Called about replacing a water heater and they were able to take care of me within a few days.

Joseph K.

★★★★★ | 1/9/2014

There's no emergency like a hot water heater emergency. And thanks to freezes in the area, ET Plumbing was busy. So while they were unable to fit me in or beat another competitor's price, they gladly spoke with me about the need for permits, recommendations on line replacement, and offered to be available for any questions when work was being done. Good customer service is not a given, so it's nice to encounter it even when you aren't a customer. Next time I have a need, I'll be phoning ET.

William B.

★★★★★ | 12/30/2013

very knowledgeable, personable, and Eric was able to fix my busted water line outside quickly and efficiently. Thanks Eric

Jason E.

★★★★★ | 9/30/2013

ET Plumbing was a life saver! We needed help quickly, and that is what we received. Eric answered his phone every time I called, called to confirm appointments, and then actually showed up when he said he refreshing! He also brought a hard working crew with him and completed the job in a day. ET Plumbing dealt with all of the permit issues including getting the permit, setting up the inspection, contacting the City when the inspector didn't show and then again to clarify a question. He was kind and patient, keeping me informed all the way through the process. ET Plumbing represents professionalism in every way!

Courtney B.

★★★★★ | 8/26/2013

Gilbert at Blue Dragon recommended Eric. I called him on Wednesday morning and he was able to make it on Thursday AM. He was prompt on his schedule. He quickly did a very thorough job, and explained the issue with the clogged kitchen sink. His pricing was reasonable and I will definitely call him for any plumbing related issues.

Thomas P.

★★★★★ | 6/24/2013

Eric was a recommendation from Gilbert at Blue Dragon. He came out within hours of me calling and quickly did a very thorough job, even fixing things like adjusting the water pressure on the sink so that water wouldn't spray everywhere. His pricing was very reasonable. He's my goto guy from now on.

Victor T.

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